Well surely God doesn’t expect me to do that… does He?

In the first century when Jesus walked the earth in ancient Israel, Jewish men would often become disciples of a rabbi.  The rabbi disciple relationship was one of total commitment.  The rabbi would commit to instructing the disciple and teach him to be like him.  The disciple would commit to listening and learning whatever theContinue reading “Well surely God doesn’t expect me to do that… does He?”

When a Loved One Leaves the Church

It would be hard to find any adult Catholic who does not have a loved one who has left the Catholic Church.  It can be a very difficult thing to deal with.  Here are some important things to remember whenever this happens. God is infinitely more concerned and involved in the salvation of your lovedContinue reading “When a Loved One Leaves the Church”

How do we know the Catholic Church is right?

Many people have remained in the Catholic Church, faithfully practicing their faith and striving to become a better disciple of Jesus each day, despite all the challenges of morality, scandals of some clergy, and conflict with popular culture.  Many have also come into the Catholic Faith, often from other Christian denominations.  Many of the peopleContinue reading “How do we know the Catholic Church is right?”