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Authority, Power and Holiness

These three attributes all come from God, but not in the same way.  Those in authority, with the power to do great things, often have it thrust upon them, like a mother or father.  As well, a man or woman, when elected to a high office, go from having no authority or power to all…

Are You Sent?

When reading the Gospel of St. John you will notice something interesting about how Jesus refers to Himself. He refers to Himself as One Who has been sent by the Father a total of 42 times in this gospel. There are certain things we can presume about the action of someone being “sent”. We begin…

Dear Godchild

As your Godfather, I’d like to tell you some things about God and the Catholic Church that I wish someone had taught me when I was your age (or younger).  Some of this you may know, some you may not.  I thought I’d save the time it’d take to interview you and just tell you…

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