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Top 10 Reasons to Read this Blog (in no particular order)

  1. I never lie.
  2. We both speak English, so that should help.
  3. This blog is a Catholic blog, so while the topics will vary greatly, there will always be a Catholic sense.
  4. I’m a Catholic who is faithful to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. This blog will be as well.
  5. I know a lot of stuff. Don’t you want to know it too?
  6. I’m too self deprecating to say I’m funny, but everyone else thinks I am.
  7. I know very few big words, so no heavy lifting.
  8. Seriously, if you’ve gotten all the way down to 8, I mean, come on.
  9. One of my few if only talents is getting a point across.
  10. Did I say top ten? Because 4 is worth at least 2.

Are You Sent?

When reading the Gospel of St. John you will notice something interesting about how Jesus refers to Himself. He refers to Himself as One Who has been sent by the Father a total of 42 times in this gospel. There are certain things we can presume about the action of someone being “sent”. We beginContinue reading “Are You Sent?”

Dear Godchild

As your Godfather, I’d like to tell you some things about God and the Catholic Church that I wish someone had taught me when I was your age (or younger).  Some of this you may know, some you may not.  I thought I’d save the time it’d take to interview you and just tell youContinue reading “Dear Godchild”

My Dad

June 3, 2021 marks 11 years since my dad died. Today, May 24, he would have been 90 years old. I have a masters degree in theology and catechesis from Franciscan University of Steubenville, but no one taught me more about Jesus than my dad. You see, my dad was a saint. I know manyContinue reading “My Dad”

Love is…

Love is an often misunderstood word.  We use it to mean so many different things.  I love pizza.  I love my wife.  The word “love” is used in the two previous sentences in two very different ways.  When I do things for my wife in hopes that she has what is good, it means IContinue reading “Love is…”

She waited on them

In the Gospel of Mark (1:29-39) we read a little story, often overlooked, about Jesus healing St. Peter’s mother-in-law. It was only a fever, it did not appear that she was seriously ill. However, Jesus went over, took her hand, helped her up and the fever was gone. It’s one of many healings Jesus didContinue reading “She waited on them”

True Love Hurts

Part II Below we continue to examine popular, but erroneous, beliefs people have about the Catholic Faith. The core teaching of Christianity is tolerance – not judging, just like Jesus said.  Why do we judge people who are homosexual?  Would Jesus do this? First, the core teachings of Christianity are as follows that Jesus isContinue reading “True Love Hurts”

True Love Hurts

Part I “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”  -Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen The Venerable Archbishop is well known for his observations that are as true today as they were when he said them overContinue reading “True Love Hurts”

What is Truth?

Today people seem to have lost an understanding of objective truth.  The powers of the world around us are subtlety, and sometimes not so subtlety, nudging and pushing people to believe everything is subjective – that there is no objective truth.  This is nonsense, and it is important that we understand why. In examining truthContinue reading “What is Truth?”


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