She waited on them

In the Gospel of Mark (1:29-39) we read a little story, often overlooked, about Jesus healing St. Peter’s mother-in-law. It was only a fever, it did not appear that she was seriously ill. However, Jesus went over, took her hand, helped her up and the fever was gone. It’s one of many healings Jesus did in today’s Gospel. However, what St. Peter’s mother-in-law did next is important to notice.

“She waited on them”. She served Jesus and her family.

When we ask God for things, for help with a problem, for a way to pay our past due bills, for healing for ourselves or a loved one, or for one of the countless other needs we have – God always answers us. It may not be how we want to be answered, but like any good parent, God only gives us what we really need – what is best for us.

But when that happens, how often do we use the gift of God in service of Him and others? Let’s go one step further. How often do we ask God for something, because we want to be better able to serve Him?

This is the mark of a true disciple of Christ. To have at the top of our hearts and minds a desire to serve Him. To pray for the health, strength, knowledge and grace we need so that we can be the best for Him. And if exactly what we ask for does not come, then remember that we can offer our suffering for the salvation of souls.

Prayer for the morning: Jesus, You are my Lord and God. I love You and I want to serve You as Your disciple. But I am weak and I can’t do anything without You, Lord. I know You love me with infinite love. Please grant me whatever graces I need to do Your will today and serve You like I should. Please accept all my sufferings for the salvation of souls. Please be with me always and pick me up when I fall. I promise, with Your help, to strive to remain Your humble disciple and faithful servant. Amen.

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