What is Our Value?

What makes something valuable?

Is what it’s made of the reason?  Like gold or diamonds or solid oak?

Is it because it is beautiful?  Like a sunset or a rose or new sports car?

Is who made it the reason?  Like Rembrandt or Rolex or Lamborghini?

Is something being rare do it?  Like a stamp from the 18th century or a Gutenberg Bible? 

Is it because it is useful? Like a airplane or a computer?

While all these things are factors, the most important thing, the thing that supersedes all other things, is this…

How much does another person love it?

Let’s say you have two pieces of cardboard. Both the same thickness and both 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Both of these cards were made by the same card manufacturing company. Both of these cards have a picture of a baseball player who played in the outfield for the NY Yankees in 1921. The same number of both cards were made. Both are signed by the player. Both are in mint condition.

One of the players is Tom Connelly. The other player is Babe Ruth. What makes one of these cards so much more valuable than the other? What it’s made of? It’s beauty? It’s maker? How rare it is? It’s usefulness?

None of these things makes the Babe Ruth card more valuable. What makes it more valuable is how much someone wants it. How much someone will pay for it. How much someone loves it.

What makes us valuable?

Is it what we are made of?  Flesh and spirit?

Is it our beauty?

Is it Who made us? God?

Is it because we are rare?  Each one of us is one of a kind.

Is it because we are useful?

Or is it because God desires to be with us with infinite desire.  He paid for us with His Life.  He loves us with infinite Love.

If you take all the human love, from all the human persons that have ever lived, and all the human persons that are alive now, and all the human persons that will be alive in the future, and took all that human love and put it together, it would still be infinitely smaller that the love God has for the one human person…

…who you can’t stand the most.

Yes. Not only are you infinitely loved by God, bus so are all the people you know and meet. So, treat them as God would and love them as well.

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.”   -Matthew 18:10

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