Christ the Teacher… from the Cross

The Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, became a human being for two main reasons: to teach, to sanctify, for the purpose of inviting us into a relationship with Himself.  When we look at Our Lord’s public life, the three year period that ended with His Ascension into Heaven, we can clearly see that Jesus spent three years teaching and then three days saving us by His passion, death and Resurrection.

However true this is, it would be a great loss if we didn’t notice that Jesus did His greatest teaching while He was earning our salvation on the Cross.

On the Cross Jesus taught us…

  • To be obedient to God the Father, no matter what.
  • To love your enemies, especially if they will be saved through your love.
  • To accept the sufferings God allows your way and offer them up for the salvation of others.
  • The Ten Commandments are summed up in the two greatest commandments – Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself.
  • That when we are at our weakest God can work His greatest works through us.
  • To go to the Scriptures for help and pray the Psalms.
  • To forgive.
  • To pray.
  • To take the Blessed Mother into our homes.
  • That death does not win.

The next time you see the crucifix in church or in your home, remember all that Jesus taught us on the Cross.

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