This post is not so much sacred thinking except for the fact that it is about my blog “Sacred Thinking.”

After I started this blog I’ve been adding chunks and chunks of articles to it, much of which was taken from my past writings, which has resulted in a nice little startup collection. And for about a week or so I have posted a new article everyday. However, I can not keep this pace up… and I should not continue to spoil you with a new post each day. Like Christmas, part of what makes something special is the anticipation.

So, until further notice, I will only be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays. There may be an exception to this rule every once in a while, for example a special post on an off day or a Friday post being replaced by a Thursday or Saturday one. You get the picture.

So, until next Tuesday:

  1. Please peruse the posts from the archives which you may have missed.
  2. Please, please share this blog with your friends!
  3. Please say a prayer for me!

God bless, Mike

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